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Shop Sustainable - Even Your Jewelry

Shop Sustainable - Even Your Jewelry

With all of the buzz around sustainable brands these days, let’s break down what sustainable jewelry actually means, and why you should shop sustainable. 

Care for Your Environment

Sustainable products were built to last and remain a wardrobe staple for years. With the application of high quality metals and manufacturing, gold-filled and sterling silver jewelry can last for 10+ years without tarnishing or wearing down. The higher quality the metal, the less jewelry you buy and the less waste you produce. Brands like OXB are committed to connecting customers with sustainable jewelry at a fair price. Your jewelry can and should last for several years if you shop from a sustainable brand, minimizing waste and your expenses. Win win!

Repurpose Recycled Materials

If you haven’t heard, recycled is the new vintage. By utilizing recycled metals whenever possible, recycling scrap metals and repurposing previously loved jewelry, sustainable jewelry brands produce the same or better quality as non-sustainable jewelry makers who mass produce and do not adhere to sustainable best practices. Many sustainable jewelry brands are handmade to order, to prevent excess inventory and waste. Take comfort in knowing that the materials used to make your favorite hoop earrings were sourced ethically and purposely, and made just for you. 

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Your Purchase Goes Further

Supporting mission and vision driven companies counteracts the accelerating trend of overconsumption and fast fashion, promoting fair trade and ethical labor. Look for brands who are transparent about their brand values and business operations when shopping sustainably- check their social media or research on their website before buying. Oftentimes when purchasing from a sustainable brand, a percentage of profits or proceeds are donated to worthy organizations on your behalf. 

Why OXB?

We create jewelry that’s made to last, good for you and good for the environment. Each piece is handmade in Denver, Colorado by a team of women who care deeply about design, sustainability, and our fitness community. Excessive waste from the mass-produced jewelry and fashion industry is compounding, and we’re devoted to offering quality jewelry at a fair price that our customers will love. 

  • We use high quality metals and recycled gold
  • All our jewelry is custom and made to order
  • 5% of every purchase is donated to a worthy cause

Can your jewelry do that? Shop sweatproof jewelry from OXB and join our team- let’s get sweaty! 

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